Kastleman & Associates, Inc. is proud to share just some of our many testimonials with you:

“We have worked with Bryan Kastleman and Kastleman & Associates, Inc. on a number of projects. Bryan is extremely diligent and delivers as promised. We would not hesitate to buy, sell, or otherwise participate with him on future projects”
From a partner in California with whom we have worked for many years.

“Bryan Kastleman of Kastleman & Associates is an incredible individual with an uncanny capacity to analyze, act and close on a transaction. I’ve never had a more cooperative client in my career.”
From a broker in California from whom we bought an apartment complex.

“I successfully closed 2 multi-family transactions with Kastleman & Associates; They not only performed within the guidelines of the contract, but were very easy to deal with”
From a broker in Austin from whom we purchased two properties.

“Bryan is extremely ethical and great to deal with.”
From a broker in Los Angeles with whom we have done several deals.

“I have been working with Kastleman & Associates for several years and value my relationship with them. As a professional Real Estate Broker it is refreshing to work with a company that comes to the table pre-qualified and that has the integrity to see deals through closing. I would highly recommend working with Bryan Kastleman or any one one of the professionals on his team.”
From a broker in Texas (Lubbock) with whom we have closed several deals.

“I have been a commercial broker for over 28 years and have worked with many investors. Bryan Kastleman is an extremely knowledgeable professional and savvy investor who brings so much experience to the transaction that much of the broker’s work is already done. More importantly, he is a man of his word and his integrity is beyond reproach. Bryan always stresses that everyone-seller, buyer, broker- needs to make money in this business and when you deal with Bryan, you will. It is a privilege to have him as a client and other brokers across the country who have worked with Bryan will say the same thing.”
From a broker in Mississippi who helped us acquire an apartment complex there.

“Bryan Kastleman is one of the most creative, hardest working, and honorable people I have ever met in business.”
From an ally in the RV Park business.